Dr Abbey MacDonaldDr Abbey MacDonald is President of Art Education Australia (AEA). In addition to this national Arts Education leadership role, she is a Senior Lecturer in Arts Education at the University of Tasmania. As an artist, teacher and committed volunteer, Abbey brings to all aspects of her work a strong personal focus upon Arts and interdisciplinary education advocacy, community engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration. She partners with environmental conservation and social change organisations, teachers, artists, scientists and education technologists to investigate and develop strategies and practical tools to tackle the most pressing challenges facing educators today. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Abbey brings to her leadership of AEA here: https://www.utas.edu.au/profiles/staff/education/abbey-macdonald 

Margaret Baguley;Margaret Baguley is Vice President of Art Education Australia and a Professor in Arts Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of Southern Queensland. She is currently the Associate Head Research for the School of Education. Dr Baguley has numerous publications and presentations. Her interest in the arts, creative collaboration, leadership dynamics, and historical commemoration underpin her research nationally and internationally. Her contribution to quality learning, teaching and research has been recognised through a series of awards including the Australian Learning and Teaching Council's National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. She has an extensive teaching background across all facets of education, in addition to maintaining her arts practice.  Dr Baguley has an extensive publication history and has presented nationally and internationally. She has received funding from several sources including the Australian Council for the Arts, Princeton University, Arts Queensland, and the Ian Potter Foundation. She has undertaken residencies at the Australian National University, the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon and was awarded an Australia Council for the Arts New Media Residency to Banff, Canada as Australia’s representative. Her work is currently on exhibition at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Dr Baguley is Vice-President of Art Education Australia. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Margaret brings to her leadership of AEA here: https://staffprofile.usq.edu.au/Profile/Margaret-Baguley 


Dr Linda ClarkAEA Secretary Dr Linda Clark is an emerging academic at the University of Southern Queensland, currently lecturing in Sculpture and Doctor of Creative Arts coursework. Clark is also a practising contemporary visual artist, undertaking practice-led research which incorporates multifaceted interactions of artmaking in hybrid forms including conceptual art, video, installation and sculpture. In conjunction with these art forms, her work is also informed by interpersonal and collaborative relationships, alongside research which explores areas such as identity, maternity and feminism. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Linda brings to AEA here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-clark-18760064/

Alise HardyAlise Hardy is the Committee Member (Education Resource Development) for Art Education Australia. She is also an artist, teacher, Education Coordinator, Schools at the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and Education Coordinator at Adelaide Contemporary Experimental (ACE). She has previously worked for the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) and taught Visual Arts, Literacy and English in schools in Adelaide and London. In her visual arts practice, Alise collaborates with and advocates for children and young people - she has co-created several murals with young South Australian artists and presented an exhibition of young artists’ work for DreamBIG Children’s Festival in 2017. Alise is interested in how industry-centred practices in classrooms and galleries can champion young artists, and support their aspirations within and for the arts sector.

Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Alise brings to AEA here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisehardy


Robyn CarmodyRobyn Carmody is the Committee Member (Professional Learning) for Art Education Australia. Robyn teaches and coordinates Arts Education units at Flinders University. Robyn has previously worked at ACARA as the Curriculum Specialist for The Arts which included the 2021 review and refinement of the Australian Curriculum and the development of professional learning and resources to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts. Robyn has 20 years of experience teaching Visual Arts in both primary and secondary settings in South Australia and Victoria and has been active in the Arts professional association community. Robyn is passionate about advocating for, promoting and supporting quality arts education for all students across Australia through supporting all teachers to develop a deep appreciation of the benefits of the arts for themselves and their students. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Robyn brings to AEA here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robyn-carmody-a59922136/

Gail HarradineGail Harradine is a Wotjobaluk, Jadawadjali, Djubagalk Post-graduate trained curator, Secondary Teacher and arts practitioner from Dimboola, Victoria with 8 years University study. Gail is the Committee Member (Indigenous Representative) for Art Education Australia. Her focus has always been on South East Australian First Nations and Clans since her thesis on Aboriginal art in the Melbourne area in the 1990s as part of her Postgraduate work at Melbourne University. Gail has recently focused on finalising her Masters in Arts (Arts Management) at RMIT University. Gail continues to link her identity to Country and unceded sovereignty. Being staunch in self and identity is integral to Gail's creativity and includes exploring photography, painting, silversmithing and utilising traditional techniques related to women’s adornment, and working with Wergaia language initiatives. Gail works as a Curatorial Manager in Melbourne and travels home to family regularly to progress her art practice and is very passionate about supporting other First Peoples in the education realm as this is how we make change and provide a voice to families and support our younger generations to have access to education pathways to succeed. 


Martin KerbyMartin Kerby is Chief Journal Editor of Australian Art Education; the (Q2 ScimagoJR) peer-reviewed journal of Art Education Australia. Martin is an Associate Professor (Curriculum and Pedagogy) at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. His research focuses on historical and educational areas. Kerby has received numerous awards and grants including a Queensland ANZAC Centenary Grant in 2014, a federal ANZAC Centenary Arts and Culture Fund Grant in 2015, and a Queensland Government Anzac Centenary Small Grants Program - Spirit of Service Grant in 2017 for a project exploring the effect of the First World War on the people of Queensland. In July 2018 Kerby was awarded a QANZAC100 Fellowship at the State Library of Queensland to undertake a 12-month project titled ‘A War Imagined: Queenslanders and the Great War’ to investigate how Queenslanders imagined the years between 1914 and 1939. Kerby is the co-curator of the exhibition ‘The Kangaroo and the Eagle: Allies in War and Peace 1908-2018’ which is currently being shown at the Pentagon. He has published extensively and has presented his research both nationally and internationally. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Martin brings to AEA here: https://staffprofile.usq.edu.au/Profile/Martin-Kerby

Dr Kathryn ColemanDr Kathryn Coleman is the Committee Member (Communications) for Art Education Australia. She is Associate Professor in Visual Arts & Design Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and University of Melbourne, and Petascale Campus Academic Convenor. Associate Professor Coleman is interested in the intersection of art, digital spaces, practice, and culture and data. Her research into practice includes teacher practices, creative practices, practices of identity, knowledge as practice and digital practices. Find out more about the professional and personal experience that Kathryn brings to AEA here: https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/776197-kate-coleman 


Sue PavlovichSue Pavlovich is Treasurer of Arts Education Australia. She works as an Art Teacher at Horsham College, Victoria, currently teaching Art, Media and Visual Communication. Curriculum development, implementation and evaluation are a passionate lifelong interest. Sue is a practising contemporary artist who investigates and interrogates relational aesthetics. She believes in the importance of the arts and serves the Wimmera arts community by chairing a regional arts organisation, Arapiles Community Theatre (ACT Natimuk). ACT Natimuk

Find out more about the professional arts and personal experience that Sue brings to AEA here:

Artist profile | Sue Pavlovich | CuratorSpace