Art Education Australia Inc. (AEA) is the peak national professional association that supports and promotes art education at all levels as an integral part of general education and art education research within Australia. AEA represents the profession at national arts and education forums and in national and international peak associations.

The purposes of the association are to:

    • represent Members within the national and international Art Education communities.
    • promote cooperation between, and undertake liaison with, similar associations, nationally and internationally and other associations of members of the Art Education Sector.
    • support and promote intellectual freedom, higher order thinking and best practice in learning and teaching within Art Education.
    • encourage and promote all facets of Art education, providing a national focus for all such activity in Australia.
    • provide national forums and opportunities for the exchange of ideas for all stakeholders working in Australia on aspects of Art education, and to provide advice and assistance for all such people.
    • produce publications and other materials as deemed appropriate by Council or by Executive resolution.
    • actively encourage research and investigation in Art Education and provide a forum for exhibitions, presentation of papers and their publication.
    • conduct national and regional conferences for Art Education as deemed appropriate by Council or by Executive resolution.
    • provide consultative services on such aspects of Art Education as are deemed appropriate by Council or by Executive resolution.
    • critically consider, originate, promote and support the implementation of reforms and improvements in laws and government policies affecting Art Education in the tertiary and school sectors.