AAE V34 n1. Understanding Problem-Solving Patterns In A Problem-Based Art Learning Environment In The Hong Kong Three-Band Secondary School Context


Chung-Yim Lau
The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Ming-Hoi Lai
Hong Kong Baptist University

With the Hong Kong three-band school allocation system that divides secondary education into high, medium, and low academic categories according to students’ academic performance, understanding how students solve problems is a complex issue. This study examines a variety of problem-solving patterns in the learning of visual arts, based on qualitative data collected in Visual Arts lessons in local secondary schools. The study proposes that there is an intimate relationship between problem-solving patterns and the different learning attitudes of the three-bands of students. Students exhibit a diverse range of skills in research, organization, analysis, communication, and critical thinking. These findings contribute to our knowledge of problem-based learning from a micro perspective.

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